About Pixeroids

In the planetary system Batoo, in sector Zeta Zeta Gamma, in a galaxy not so far away, live the pixeroids in peace and harmony. But, alas, a dark rogue planet have disturbed the outer meteoroid cloud surrounding the Batoo system, sending hundreds, maybe thousands of meteoroids into direct collision course with the poor pixeroids' planets. To save the pixeroids you must destroy the meteoroids before they hit the ground of their planets.

Pixeroids is a cute, simple and addictive retro pixel style game where you should try to rescue all 12 pixeroids from the devastating meteor swarms threatening their planets in the Batoo system. They really need your help!

Can you save 'em all?


The goal of the game is to rescue all pixeroids from the meteoroids that are falling down on the planets. Tap on the falling meteoroids to destroy them before they hit the ground. The game consists of 12 stages (with increasing difficulty) with 12 different pixeroids to save. Each saved pixeroid/stage can also be played in endless mode (with individual leaderboards in Game Center) from the home screen, just tap their portraits to play the pixeroid/stage of your choice. To continue the overall game, tap the Play button at the bottom of the home screen.

Meet the pixeroids in the cute retro 8-bit pixel style game Pixeroids available for free on the App Store.

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